Meir Yedid
Incredible case of the missing fingers
Meir Yedid featured in the June 12, 1984 issue of the National Examiner with a story by Cliff Linedecker.
Meir Yedid in an ad for Tetley Tea.
Linking Ring Cover Story
Meir Yedid featured on the cover of the March 1998 issue of The Linking Ring magazine with a story by Phil Willmarth.
Magician has his very real 'Rocky' story
An article about Meir Yedid by David Keith which appeared in the April 7, 1990 issue of The Jonesboro Sun.
Magician's life imitates his art
An article about Meir Yedid by Scott Baradell which appeared in the January 23, 1989 issue of The News & Daily Advance.
Paul Daniels and the Story of Magic
A story on Meir Yedid in the best selling book by John Fisher which appeared in 1987.
Spotlight On Meir Yedid
An article about Meir Yedid by Nina Schindler which appeared in the November, 1991 issue of The Spellbinder newsletter.
Surgeon's 'Magic' Saves Two Fingers
An article about Meir Yedid by Fran Evans which appeared in the August 28, 1986 issue of The Smithtown News.
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