Meir Yedid

The Spellbinder

The Banquet participants were ready and waiting, and they were not disappointed. The show started on time, progressed beautifully and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Par for the course for veteran magician/producer Meir Yedid. He was born in Tel Aviv and immigrated to the USA in 1970. His interest in magic was peaked by an Israeli TV show - a trick was taught to the audience each week. He saw his first "live" magician at a festival near his home and later saw the same artist on TV. At the tender age of seven, he was able to figure out the tricks and became "hooked." Meir lives in Queens, where he attended high school, and after a few years of "work break," he is now attending CUNY for his BA.

Meir YedidIn 1979 he created his now famous Finger Fantasies and became an almost overnight sensation in the magic world. After many appearances at magic clubs, comedy clubs and local TV, he entered the S.A.M. close-up contest and won first place in 1981. He then went on to publish eleven books which have been translated into three languages. He attends more than thirty magic conventions each year, where he sells his books and tricks, lectures and does TV work. He is a big hit in Europe and is in constant demand there as well as here at home. He has appeared on British, Spanish, German and Japanese TV.

Meir’s favorite magic is, of course, close-up, but he loves to watch any magic that is intelligently presented. Meir is in the magic business and says he is living his ambition — to be happy and successful doing what he loves. Right now, his hobby is school - "absorbing and spitting out on tests, lots of useless information" in order to get his degree.

In 1986, Meir was involved in a horrible auto accident in which a third of his hand was severed. After nine operations and a year and a half of extensive therapy, he bounced back into magic. In 1988 he again won the S.A.M. close-up contest with one important difference. He was now using his LEFT hand! He also received a special medal for originality and creativity.

Meir will read and study almost any card book, but he feels, for basic knowledge, the Mark Wilson Course is the best on the market. His heroes include Paul Daniels, Tamariz, David Copperfield and Harry Lorayne. His guiding principle is, "the more you know, the better you perform."

Meir Yedid, a unique talent and a stalwart member of Parent Assembly, we salute you.

Nina Schindler

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