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Viral Fingers

The video went live on multiple social media platforms and started going viral with hundreds of thousands of views and shares.

Meir’s Magiclife

I was interviewed by Wes and Natalie Iseli for their Magiclife podcast and show.

Meir Yedid on The Virtual Magician

This is my segment on Marco Tempest’s The Virtual Magician television series that was syndicated and aired all over the world, on many different channels, starting in 2004.

Meir Yedid on Billy Buys Brooklyn

This is my segment on Billy Buys Brooklyn, starring Billy Leroy, that aired on the Discovery Channel on April 28, 2022. You can watch the entire episode for free on Discovery GO, or you can subscribe to Discovery+, or you…

Billy Buys Brooklyn Promo

Here is the intro for the Billy Buys Brooklyn episode I appeared in on April 28, 2022, on the Discovery Channel. If you missed it, you could now watch it on Discovery+ worldwide, Discovery Go, or buy it on Amazon…

Frank Sinatra Dressing Room Tour

I was assigned Frank Sinatra’s original dressing room which has been kept the same ever since he left us. I thought you might like to see a quick tour of the famous room where he entertained his friends.
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