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Meir Yedid 201-703-1171

TV Appearances
Best Trick Ever (ABC-TV, Australia, 2018, 2-episodes)
The Virtual Magician: New York (World Syndication, 2004)
50 Greatest Magic Tricks (Channel 4, UK, 2002)
The Nature Of Things: Martin Gardner Mathemagician (CBC-TV, Canada, 1996)
Knoff Hoff Show (ZDFTV, Germany, 1991)
Luna de Verano (CSTV, Spain, 1990)
Naruhodo the World (FUJI-TV, Japan, 1990)
Mind Over Matter (ACTV, USA, 1988)
NHK Close-Up Special (NHK, Japan, 1986)
Comedy Tonight (FOX-TV, USA, 1986)
Paul Daniels Magic Show (BBC-TV, UK, 1985)

Music Videos
►Richie Richer X Jayo Balla’s Tricks Up My Sleeve (2020)
►Ramones’ Something To Believe In (1986)

*Does not include the many spots on news shows, talk shows, commercials, etc.

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